I’m Jonayed Hasan and, as a Bangladeshi tiny village boy, my days in Switzerland are very interesting and enjoyfull because the weather and beauty here change in a minute. Living at Our chalet in the small village of Adelboden gives you the opportunity to taste the tastes of heaven. I feel proud to be a part of Our Chalet. In the previous season, all the volunteers were female, but this spring season is different because I’m the only male volunteer here. I never thought I would be here, (Shannon-who is a loving official lady here, helps me a lot throughout all my journey from Bangladesh to Switzerland.) Volunteering here is more fun with responsibilities where you will also learn about the Swiss culture, community service, social structure, dignity and European living. All the spring volunteers and long-term staff are very friendly and helpful. Although we are all from different countries and cultures, we all believe in equality and care for each other. I would love to come back here to our chalet again and again.  I will encourage everyone who is interested to volunteer at Our Chalet.