Hello everyone!

I am Putri Winata and I come from the sunny island of Singapore, also known as the little red dot! I joined Sangam this year as a Volunteer Marketing Coordinator.

Before coming to Sangam, I was previously a Spring Vollie at Our Chalet in 2012, Summer Shortie at Kandersteg International Scout Centre in 2016 and have been involved with the Asia Pacific Regional Comms Team. I studied baking and pastry in culinary school and worked as a pastry chef for about 10 years before switching careers in 2020.

In my current volunteer role, I will be working very closely with Guest Services and the Programme team to plan and execute events, as well as social media management, photography, website management, branding, video editing and content creation. I am excited to share the World Centre experience with more people and showcase what Sangam has to offer!

Putri Kartika Winata

Volunteer Marketing Coordinator