Candela Gonzalez is from Argentina and has been a member of Asociación Guías Argentinas (AGA) since she was 7. She has been serving as a member of the National Board and as Vice President of the WAGGGS Governance Committee. Candela’s first experience with the World Centres was as a Winter Season Programme Intern at Our Chalet in 2017. After her time at Our Chalet, she also visited Pax Lodge and Sangam. She says that visiting the World Centres was the first time she saw how big and impressive the Movement is.

Candela says that being at Our Chalet helped her professional development and gave her skills she hadn’t learned while getting her university degree. She also says that the people she had met at Our Chalet helped her when she became the Vice President of the Argentinian Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. With the advice she had received from other international Guides and Scouts, Candela felt she was able to bring positive improvements to her member organisation.