Plane, train, ferry, or bus … however, you reach us it’s the start of a great adventure!


It takes two to four hours to reach Our Chalet from these international airports:

To plan your travel from the airport to Our Chalet by public transport visit the Swiss rail system (SBB) website here. 

Our Chalet’s nearest bus stop is Adelboden Oey. You can book both train and bus tickets on the SBB website. Note: Until mid-July 2024 there is construction at this bus stop. Buses run as normal but stop about 50m from the usual stop. 

If you are doing any additional travel within Switzerland, you may wish to look into purchasing Half Fare Cards or Swiss Travel Passes. Information on both can be found here

Groups of 10+

IMPORTANT: Groups of 10+ must reserve the bus journey from Frutigen to Adelboden in advance. Groups who have not reserved may be denied boarding at the bus. Reservations can be made using this form or by e-mailing with details of your group and journey.

Information on group train tickets (minimum 10 people) can be found here. Information on discounted train tickets for youth groups of 10+ with at least eight participants aged under 25 can be found here. NOTE: All discounted group tickets must be booked in advance. We recommend booking group tickets as you will also receive seat reservations with your group booking.

While we encourage guests to reach us by public transport, we recognise Swiss prices are high! Large groups may wish to look into arranging a coach transfer from the airport to Our Chalet, which may be more cost effective. Our Chalet is not able to recommend a specific transfer provider. 

A grey and green train travels through countryside


From your arrival point in Switzerland catch a train to Frutigen station. From Frutigen station travel to Adelboden Oey by bus.

  • At Frutigen station leave via the main exit and look for a red bus on the opposite side of the road. It will have Adelboden written on the front. The bus connects with the train schedule and will be waiting on your arrival at Frutigen station. NOTE: You do not have time to do anything in the station – go straight to the bus!

  • If you have purchased a ticket to Adelboden your train ticket is valid on the bus. If you do not have a ticket you can buy one on the bus, at any train station, or on the SBB mobile app. Traveling without a valid ticket may incur a fine of CHF100+ per person! Guest cards are not valid for travel on your arrival or departure days. Discounted tickets (child, Half-Fare, etc. may require relevant ID and proof of eligibility to be shown).

  • There are many bus stops between Frutigen and Adelboden, the journey to Oey takes approximately 20 minutes. The name of each stop will be displayed on a screen in the bus as you travel. When you see Oey displayed press any red button to tell the bus driver to stop.

Important notice

Groups of 10+ must inform AFA which bus they will be traveling on at least 24 hours in advance. Groups that do not register in advance may be denied boarding at the bus, especially if a bus service is busy (as is often the case in summer). E-mail with your group and journey details (in English, German, or French) to register.


From the bus stop it is approximately 1.2 km steep uphill walk which takes 20-40 minutes. From the bus stop follow the sign posts marked Our Chalet.

If you are taking part in a programme/event and arriving during office hours one of our volunteers will meet your group at Adelboden Oey and lead you on your walk up the hill.

The walk must be done whatever the weather! Make sure you keep a water bottle and suitable outer layers in your hand luggage ready for the walk. There are toilets near the bus stop that you can use before beginning the walk.

Important notice

If you do not book a luggage transfer you will need to carry all your own luggage on the walk. Remember, it may be raining, snowing, or very hot! We recommend booking a luggage transfer if you are traveling with any luggage other than a backpack you can easily carry (wheelie suitcases are very hard work to pull up the hill!).

Luggage transfer:

  • Luggage transfer is included in all event bookings. It is available for non-event guests for CHF 5 return per person.

    All luggage transfers must be pre-booked at least 48 hours in advance and are only available from 9am to 6pm (latest arrival at Oey = 17.56 bus). For programme/event guests, luggage transfer is included in your package but you must still notify us of arrival time at least 48 hours in advance


  • For groups with a pre-booked luggage transfer a volunteer will meet you at the bus stop and lead your group to Our Chalet. One leader is asked to travel with your luggage and start the check-in process while the group is walking. 

Important notice

Luggage transfer is for luggage only. We are not able to transport guests (other than the leader accompanying the luggage). If you have a permanent disability (e.g. not an injury) and are unable to walk up the hill please let us know at the time of booking so we can arrange transport for you and any mobility equipment.


  • The bus company AFA also runs taxis, which can meet the bus. To book a taxi e-mail or call 075 415 15 15 (24 hours).
  • A taxi costs approximately CHF 20-25 one way from Adelbodey Oey to Our Chalet. AFA has a range of vehicles available up to 7 seats.
  • Taxis can be paid for with credit card or cash. Our Chalet cannot book or pay for taxis on behalf of guests


The full address for Our Chalet is Hohliebeweg 1, 3715 Adelboden. Be careful when using sat nav/GPS to select the correct address. There are many chalets in Adelboden!

Directions from entering Adelboden 
As you enter Adelboden on the main road from Frutigen you will come to a small roundabout with a wooden statue of a women in the middle. Take the third exit (left turn) here.

Turn left again almost immediately (just after the petrol station) then drive up a steep hill. After a sharp right-hand corner there is short flat section before the road forks. Take the right hand fork onto Hohliebeweg. Our Chalet is on the left just around the first corner. Important do not take the fork if you are driving a coach/full size bus (see below)!

Arriving from Milan
If you are traveling to Our Chalet from Milan airport and traveling in a vehicle with more than 22 seats your vehicle will not be able to use the Lötschberg car train tunnel between Goppenstein and Kandersteg and will need to take an alternative route around the mountains – there is no road over these mountains. 

Your driver should plan your route avoiding the tunnel before you leave Milan, otherwise you may add 2+ hours of driving by going the wrong way.

Vehicles with 10-22 seats can use the car train but there are limited departures, we recommend checking the timetable for large vehicles in advance. 

Note that for all vehicles there can be long waits to board the car train, especially Fri-Sun in summer. 

For further details, estimated wait times, and prices for the car train see the BLS website.

Parking at Our Chalet is very limited and cannot be reserved in advance. There is no charge for parking at Our Chalet.

Road conditions and large vehicles
Our Chalet is located on a steep and narrow mountain road. Our Chalet’s driveway is steep and narrow with sharp corners.

Coaches/full size buses cannot reach Our Chalet.
In summer most coach drivers are able to drop off at the bottom of Hohliebeweg (the fork in the road) from where it is a 5-10 uphill minute walk to Our Chalet. Once your driver has dropped you off they will need to continue along Bonderlnstrasse to Hari’s Chalet and turn around in their car park. Do NOT allow your driver to attempt to drive up Hohliebeweg to Our Chalet. You coach will get stuck! Coach companies are responsible for paying for all damage caused by attempting to drive this route.

In winter coaches cannot turn around at Hari’s Chalet and must drop off at the bottom of Bonderlnstrasse, from where it is a 20-30 minute uphill walk to Our Chalet. Luggage transfer can be arranged for arrivals during office hours (9am-6pm) by contacting us at least 48 hours in advance.

In winter months roads may be impassable for any vehicles without four-wheel drive.
We advise all guests traveling to us in winter to have four-wheel drive and winter tyres and to carry snow chains. For safety Our Chalet staff are never permitted to push or drive stuck vehicles. We do not have equipment for pulling or towing vehicles.


Motorway Tax
If you are arriving from a neighbouring country and plan to use the motorways, you are required to pay a motorway tax. A ‘vignette’ can be purchased at the border entering Switzerland. Further information on road rules and travel is available from Swiss Touring Club.

During winter it is advisable to have winter tyres on your vehicle and essential to carry snow chains. It is a good idea to practice fitting them before your trip.

Several mountain passes close during the winter due heavy snow and avalanche risk. Check current conditions of roads immediately before you depart.


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