Become a friend of Kusafiri

A worldwide group that actively promote and support Kusafiri. We enable Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to discover and enjoy Kusafiri.

Who are Friends of Kusafiri WAGGGS?

A special donor group set up for supporters of Kusafiri. Your donations ensure that girls and young women from around the world can access and enjoy self-development, learning and adventure at Kusafiri.

Can I Join?

Friends of Kusafiri WAGGGS is open to any individual who supports the Mission and Vision of WAGGGS, the strategic direction of Kusafiri and donates £40 or more.

Friends of Kusafiri WAGGGS Giving Levels

There are 4 levels, all of which are based on your lifetime giving to Kusafiri, so once you’re eligible for one of our levels, you can be a Friend for Life!


How does it help

A few ways in which your donations could help more girls to enjoy the Our Chalet experience:

£20 – £80

Can cover the meals of a participant at a Leadership Event so that she can focus on making her action plan to take back home.


Can cover the volunteer visa for one volunteer for one season. This opportunity is life changing for that volunteer as well as those lives she impacts at the centre and when she returns home.


Can provide a scholarship that covers the full event fee for any number of our leadership development programmes. The young women who participate in these programmes develop skills and agency to return home and be the changemakers their communities need.

Friends Of Kusafiri

The Friends of Kusafiri are wonderful supporters, allies and advocates for Kusafiri. Become a Friend today and your donation and continued support will give girls and young women of the Movement opportunities that will change their lives forever, and experiences that will help them discover the power they hold. 

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