Become a friend of Nuestra Cabaña

A worldwide group that actively promote and support Nuestra Cabana. We enable Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to discover and enjoy Nuestra Cabana.

Who are Friends of
nuestra Cabaña WAGGGS?

Nuestra Cabaña is lucky enough to have Friends around the world supporting their work. This volunteer-led Friends of Nuestra Cabaña group make special contributions to Nuestra Cabaña. Your donations ensure that girls from around the world can access and enjoy self-development, learning and adventure at Nuestra Cabaña.

They have a two-fold purpose:

The Friends of Nuestra Cabaña raise money to help Nuestra Cabaña and have a personal annual goal. USA members are accountable to the World Foundation for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, Inc., which approves and appoints candidates for membership.

Can I Join?

Membership to this group is by recommendation, and there is a references and approval process. The Friends meet annually at Nuestra Cabaña each February. Members are responsible for their own travel and expenses.


Friends Of nuestra Cabaña

Here is the list of contacts that you can reach out to to become a friend of Nuestra Cabaña:

Alys Allardyce

BP Vice-President

Rebecca Daniels

US Vice-President

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