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At Pax Lodge has many options for meals. Self-Catered, Fully Catered, somewhere in between or a meal out in one of the wonderful restaurants in the area.

Pax Lodge MEALS


Pax Lodge’s kitchen facilities are operated by volunteer staff and all dietary requirements are catered for to the best of the Centre’s ability. We cannot guarantee food to be 100% free of any specific allergen. 

Guests must notify us of all dietary requirements at least two weeks in advance of their visit, or at the time of booking meals, whichever is earliest. Notification later than this may mean we are unable to cater for the required special diet. In some cases special diet meals may be offered only at an additional cost. Guests with severe and/or contact allergies must note this on their booking and be aware that we cannot guarantee that other guests will not bring allergens on to the Pax Lodge site.

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Many grocery store options are available within an easy walk from Pax Lodge.  Ask at the front desk if you need directions.


The neighborhood around Pax Lodge has wonderful dining out and take-out options. From traditional English pubs to international cuisine.

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