Lucia Ruvarashe Ndanga is a Girl Guide from Zimbabwe and has been involved with Guiding since she was 8. She is also a member of the WAGGGS Africa Regional Committee. Lucia went to Our Chalet in 2018 for the Helen Storrow Seminar and participated in Kusafiri programmes while in Madagascar in 2017. Lucia was drawn to the World Centres because they were a way to work on advocacy and leadership skills. While there, she says she developed and improved many of her other professional skills as well. 

She is now a law student and says that her time at the World Centres provided her with public speaking skills that helped her during her education. Her time at the World Centres also helped her lead initiatives at her law school, such as leadership training for young girls, mentoring sessions, and mental health awareness. Lucia says that the World Centres also gave her access to other young women that she could mentor so that they could produce positive change in Africa.