Hi, I’m Sandi. I am from Myanmar – a country in Southeast Asia. I studied International Relations and Diplomacy at the Australian National University in Australia. Before working at Our Chalet, I was a career diplomat of Myanmar. Throughout my career, one of my positions was in the field of human resource development, where I discovered my passion for empowering people. This experience has strengthened my enthusiasm for youth development and empowerment of girls and young women, which is what draws me to Our Chalet.

I am so excited to start my new role as it will provide me with an opportunity to apply and share my experiences and studies, while also looking forward to new experiences, challenges, and adventures.

As a creative soul, I love to be surrounded by stunning Swiss Alps, beautiful Aare, nature, mountains, snow, flowers, and trees, which inspire me with new thoughts and ideas. When not working, I enjoy writing novels and short stories, watching series, reading, cooking, and walking.

I am truly delighted to be part of the efforts of WAGGGS in creating a world of possibilities for all girls and young women worldwide.

Khaing Sandi Win Min

Office Coordinator