My name is Minakshi Jadhav and I am from Pune. My journey with Sangam started in 1994. I would like to thank my husband and his friend for introducing me to this job. When I look back, I find that my experience at Sangam has been so wonderful. I started as Office Assistant and I’m now working as World Centre Manager . Between the different titles and responsibilities I have held, one of the most enjoyable parts of my job is meeting different people. I love meeting participants, volunteers and working with staff from all over the world. This experience has helped me to develop my leadership and communication skills, as I find myself as a bridge between the local community and the international community.
When I began my role at Sangam, I had not previously been a part of Guiding. In 2008, I completed my Guide Captain training with Bharat Scouts and Guides, this not only added to my professional experience but my personal experience too. In my role, I have also travelled to many countries for various programmes and training. I first travelled to Mexico for the “Stop the Violence” Seminar held at “Our Cabana”. Since then, I have travelled to many countries including Ireland, London, Nigeria, Australia and Ghana.
Today my major responsibilities are in programmes, Community Relations and HR for local staff. I feel very proud to work at Sangam and to be a part of bringing change to the community and girls that walk through Sangam’s doors!!!
I would like to Thank all the people who I have met that have visited Sangam, for making my life so special!!

Minakshi Jadhav

World Centre Manager