Namaste !
My name is Narindra Andriamahefalison, called Narindra by everyone. Coming from the island of Madagascar, I joined Sangam this year as a Volunteer Programme Manager.

My adventure with Sangam started in 2018 when I first came for the “Be The Change” event. I came back 1 year later as a short-term volunteer. A few months during which I learned more about WAGGGS and Sangam, immersed myself in the Indian culture and made meaningful local and global connections. I finished my term early 2020 without knowing that a pandemic would hit us a month later. Yet here I am, three years later, ready to take on this new challenge, with my head high to aim far, my feet grounded to immerse myself further and my heart open for more connection.

In this new volunteering role, I will work with the whole team to implement events, evaluate innovative and dynamic International Event programmes and Leadership Projects in accordance with the mission and vision of the World Centres as well as WAGGGS.

I’m really excited to be here and looking forward to seeing you soon in Sangam.

Narindra Andriamahefalison

Volunteer Programme Manager