our Whishlist

Sangam is fundraising for the following items to support programme activities! If you are visiting, please bring along what you can.

If you aren’t visiting soon, or don’t have room in your bag; consider ordering from amazon.co.in! For more information, email info@sangam.wagggs.org



  • Sangam is seeking funds to allow young women to attend programmes. Please share the sisterhood and consider donating a full or partial scholarship to allow another person to experience the Spirit of Sangam. http://bit.ly/donatescholarship 

Equipment/Materials for programme  


  • A4 sheets of colour paper for craft 
  • Face Paint 
  • Drawing colour paint 
  • Whiteboard markers (any colour and any size) 
  • Highlighter marker 
  • Permanent markers (wide tip preferred) 
  • Colouring markers (example: Crayola) 
  • Large and small scissors ( Not need the crazy Scissors ) 
  • Note Book 
  • Glue sticks 
  • Bluetooth speakers likethis 
  • Pen 
  • Board Pin 
  • Wool  
  • sharpener, rubber 
  • Ziploc/Snap seal bags (any size) 
  • Cello tape 

Food/ Kitchen / House  


  • Coffee french presses
  • Large & small paint brushes for property work 
  • Large & small paint rollers for property work 
  • Smoke detector  
  • Fabric dye (red, green and yellow) 
  • Roasted Coffee beans  
  • Hot Chocolate Powder  
  • Tea Bags  
  • Salad dressing  
  • Vegemite 
  • Milk Powder  
  • Coco Powder  
  • Taco Masala  
  • Mermaid or your favourite Jam 
  • Quality branded 9V batteries eg Duracell or Energizer 
  • Quality branded AAA batteries eg. Duracell or Energizer 




Thank you

Thank you in advance for your generous donations!